Blue Dream


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• 20%-24% THC

• 1-2% CBD

Blue Dream is sativa-dominant hybrid strain hailing from the amazing Golden State itself. This California local has assembled an infamous standing as one of the most mind-blowing West Coast strains at any point considered. Assuming that there was a pyramid or positioning ordered progression for weed, Blue Dream would sit at the exceptionally top among numerous other perfect, big name status strains.

Blue Dream 

Blue Dream is a sativa-predominant half breed strain local to the home of heavenly aggregates and the Golden State itself, California. This perfect half breed has established its standing as one of the most incredible West Coast strains to at any point exist and sits at the more elite classes of the pot pecking order, in spite of being a “child” strain, or an aggregate that was just found in the advanced 21st century. Blue Dream has amazed some high-profile VIPs, being referenced by any semblance of rapper Juicy J, who even composed a tune named after the strain, Snoop Dogg, and dearest craftsman and pot advocate Willie Nelson who applauds it for the powerful, yet useful and vivacious high. This internationally perceived and basically prestigious strain is famous to the point that it was the top-netting strain inside the territories of Washington, Oregon and Colorado, selling an exceptional $49 million dollars in 2016 alone.

Impacts of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a combination of Blueberry and Haze. While its parental strains are inverse aggregates, Blue Dream impeccably balances the relieving and loosening up body-high or love seat lock of indica strains with the cerebral, euphoric and empowering nature of its sativa ancestor, making it extraordinary for all-around utilization. Indeed, even as a sativa-predominant half breed strain, it actually packs an incredible punch, flaunting an exceptional normal 20% THC fixation. These high THC levels ought to be taken as a preparatory advance notice, as the high of this strain is weighty hitting and fast acting. After smoking, clients will right away notification that the impacts of this crossover are not normal for the high of some other strains. An unusual concordance between the feeling of a quieting full-body high and a propelled, euphoric and cerebral psyche state, it is nothing unexpected regarding the reason why Blue Dream is one of the most famous strains accessible today. Asides from its sporting purposes, this cross breed has numerous helpful utility too. As a sativa-predominant half and half, this strain is successful for the treatment of migraines, uneasiness, despondency, stress and less than overwhelming agony.

Appearance and Aroma

Blue Dream is an excellent half and half strain with colossal pack request. In any event, for a sativa-prevailing cross breed strain, it flaunts medium measured buds with fluorescent green leafs and a negligible measure of orange trichomes or hairs. This is a simple to develop plant that almost consistently delivers tight, thick buds that are covered by a decent layer of THC trichomes. Blue Dream brings something other than a pleasant actual appearance and sack claim, as these fantastic nugs mix together delightful kinds of sweet blueberries and a smooth hearty sugar or vanilla-like substance.
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  1. I was actually impressed. I’ll be adding more to my next order in the cart.

  2. I had a little joyful buzz from this. Not exhausted, but starving!

  3. Makes me.weaker around the knees

  4. The buds were nicely sized and clipped, although they were a little dry. A nice euphoric high followed by a calm feeling.

  5. I like this strain so much that I keep buying it whenever I place an order! I use it diligently

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