Chocolope Kush


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• 18%-21% THC

• 1% CBD

What happens when you cross two honor winning strains? You get Chocolope Kush! This strain was initially made by DNA Genetics by crossing the Chocolope with Kosher Kush. It has a madly delectable terpene profile, offering a flavorful mix of nutty chocolate, sweet vanilla and espresso!

Chocolope Kush

What happens when you cross two honor winning strains? You get Chocolope Kush! This strain was initially made by DNA Genetics by crossing the Chocolope with Kosher Kush. It has a madly delightful terpene profile, offering a flavorful mix of nutty chocolate, sweet vanilla and espresso! Ideal for any treat sweetheart and a superb matching for your post dinner pastry or mug of espresso! It is an indica half breed that offers a strong THC concentrate that compasses as many as 20% and furthermore 1% CBD. The high with this strain is depicted as vigorously cerebral prior to overflowing over to serious areas of strength for an unwinding. Ideal for the end of the week or for slowing down in the evening, there are not many strains that can exemplify indica flawlessness as much as the scrumptious Chocolope Kush!

Impacts of Chocolope Kush

It’s difficult to say whether the high or the kinds of Chocolope Kush are better as they are both so astounding! This strain is viewed as a disposition supporter and gets going with more sativa like impacts. An euphoric elevate, centered energy, imagination and inspiration will start a cerebral high for some time prior to advancing to a more indica body high. A buzz will wrap your body and in the long run progress into a superb unwinding! With more grounded portions, this could undoubtedly change to sedation and languor. This makes it ideal for a sleeping disorder and help with discomfort! Munchies is a typical impact among clients of Chocolope Kush too, so you can hope to long for pretty much anything! This strain is useful in mitigating uneasiness, gloom and stress, and easing side effects of ADHD/ADD, PTSD and emotional episodes. While it can get going energetic and ready to go to assist you with handling some innovative or conceptualizing assignments, it should use during the nights or ends of the week because of loosening up blow can make it lights-out time for you!

THC Content

Chocolope Kush has a THC fixation that midpoints from 17% to 20%. It likewise has around 1% CBD! An indica half breed, it has 80% indica predominance adjusted by a lesser 20% sativa. It is likewise in some cases alluded to as Chocolate Kush, however the “Chocolope” all the more precisely depicts its parental genealogy with Chocolope being one of its folks. The Chocolope holds various High Times Cannabis Cup and High Life Cup grants, remembering Strain of the Year for 2007! Its other parent is the Kosher Kush, an unadulterated indica that additionally holds numerous honor titles, most eminently High Times Best Indica in 2010 and again in 2011! It is somewhat powerful with a THC centralization of 22% to 25%. The Chocolope, then again, is a close unadulterated sativa with 95% predominance and THC levels going from 18% to 21% power.

Appearance and Aroma

Chocolope Kush buds are firmly stuffed and very thick. They assume the state of an extended pinecone with tipped closes. In variety, it is a medium olive conditioned green with brilliant orange pistils. A few groups will likewise convey profound purple suggestions. It is resinous and hence will quite often be tacky, and its gem trichomes are minuscule however ample. It has a really delectable and exceptional terpene profile with prevailing notes of chocolate and espresso, supplemented by heartiness, zest and sharp skunkiness. It tastes like how it smells, besides there are extra notes of sweet vanilla and a nuttiness that pleasantly underline the chocolate and espresso flavors!
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