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Lemon Haze Strain

Lemon Haze is a potent Sativa that produces a cerebral solid, energizing, and stimulating high for its users. These energizing effects of Lemon Haze are not much of a surprise given that it is a strain made from the crossing of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. Both parents contribute to Lemon Haze’s strength and aroma. This strain has a reasonable flowering time of about 8-9 weeks. Its height can sprout up to 140cm for indoor growth and up to 190cm when grown outdoors.

Lemon Haze Effect

The Lemon Haze effect seems to take several minutes to gradually become completely obvious. Its effects settle in a person slowly, and the user can feel lightened up after about 2-3 hours, giving way to a certain level of calmness.

The strain best fits veteran cannabis users due to its level of THC content. This does not mean new cannabis users can’t also consume the strain; what newbies should be aware of is that this is a high-hitting strain. The strain will produce an intense, energetic, happy, focused cerebral high that can energize a user.

Besides its euphoric benefits, it also helps to give you the drive you need to get up and accomplish things like housework and errands. A renowned cannabis medical testing facility known as Analytical 360 rates Lemon Haze’s psych activity anywhere from 12% to a startling 25%.

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THC & CBD Content

Lemon Haze THC content ranges to about 21%, making it a very potent strain. Despite having a high THC content, it has a relatively low CBD of less than 1%.

Appearance & Aroma

Its flowers are striking due to their unique form and texture. The leaves have a rather ragged and fluffy appearance despite being densely packed. Vibrant orange pistils are woven across these fluffy and mossy green foliage.

When the strain is in its early stages of bloom, its flowers develop quickly and can grow large with ample, swollen calyxes, beautiful red pistils, and a thick layer of sticky trichomes. These buds have a slight yellow glow due to the amber trichomes covering them, which also explains their high level of psych activity.

So, what does Lemon Haze smell like? Of the many questions about this strain, this is one of the most prominent. Lemon Haze smells strongly of citrus when appropriately cured, and its lemon tang taking the spotlight. The strain’s citrus aroma is evident, with some earthy and spicy notes. Underneath is a spicy herbal kick familiar to lovers of the parent strain Haze.

This strain lacks most of the sharp funk associated with Lemon Skunk, its other parent. Lemon Haze burns with mellow smoke that is easy to swallow. On the exhale, this smoke has a light herbal flavor with a hint of lemon. This aroma can be perceived as the strain approaches its final weeks of bloom. As you slowly smoke this bud, you will taste some spicy and skunky notes.


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  1. This haze is good! its aroma is really unique. A true joy to vaporize! My new favorite sativa hybrid

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