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70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 14% – 25%

OG Kush Breath Strain

OG Kush Breath, otherwise called OGKB for short is an Indica predominant hybrid marijuana strain with a charming and strange genealogy. This strain gives weighty head to toe impacts and it is great for consumers searching for a strain to relief them of stress, lack of sleep or harsh pain. This bud has a madly tasty flavor with a new nutty vanilla breathe which is highlighted by a berry natural breathe out that becomes marginally spicier with every toke. The fragrance is exceptionally natural and hearty with a nutty berry suggestion that becomes impactful and zesty as the nugs burn. The OGKB high hits you almost immediately when you breathe out with an inconspicuous lift that helps your state of mind and implants you with positive energy. This impact will gradually develop all through your mind, passing on you cheerful and dim with incapacity to focus.

OG Kush Breath is a force to be reckoned with that is supposed to be a cross between most people’s favorite Girl Scout Cookies, an intriguing aggregate of Durban Poison and OG Kush. With THC levels that range as high as 25% and the loosen up with alleviating impacts of both GSC and OG Kush, this considerable hybrid ought to be set out for evening use or those days you just wanna relax all throughout. As an Indica-prevailing hybrid strain, OGKB initially furnishes clients with a shockingly cerebral, innovative and inspiring rush from its Durban genealogy prior to progressing into its trademark lounge chair lock and profoundly loosening up high. Normally, this hybrid is good to consume when you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows, crunching and gaming and it is most certainly a strain to share with friends.

The tenacious body high of OG Kush Breath gives significant relaxing and relief from discomfort and might be calming at higher portions, settling on it an extraordinary decision for those looking for help to fall asleep. As harsh as its name might sound, OG Kush Breath is really perceived for having an enjoyably wet smell that gives recognition to its extraordinary genealogy. The blossoms emit hearty, vanilla like notes suggestive of Girl Scout Cookies that brew well with the heavier Kush and gas fragrance of OG Kush to make an intriguing terpene profile that should be capable.

OG Kush Breath and its content

  • An collection of popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), the OG Kush Breath Strain (otherwise called OGKB) is a very interesting strain with a luscious sweet like flavor profile that is upheld by a profoundly ease and intense high. Made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies, Florida Kush and a NorCal Sativa Durban, OG Kush Breath is a famous choice for self curing because of its weighty narcotic impacts on the body even though it additionally offers a close prompt raising cerebral high that is incredible for getting a charge out without help from anyone else or with companions while getting a flick and crunching on snacks at home. Due to these weighty full-bodied impacts and its high THC level, OG Kush Breath is frequently decided to treat conditions like chronic stress, cramps, muscle fits, insomnia and chronic pain.
  • This bud has long piece of minty green nugs with scanty orange hairs and a thick cold covering of minuscule sandy white gem trichomes. OG Kush Breath comprises of 14% – 25% THC averagely despite the fact that lab tests show that it can reach as high as 27% THC and it also contains 1% CBD. It is an Indica predominant crossover with 70% Indica to 30% sativa. Its high THC intensity can be credited to its hereditary genealogy. Girl Scout Cookies, which is a very famous and sweet group top choice as well as a Cannabis Cup grant champ, is an Indica predominant hybrid which midpoints at an incredible 28% THC with 1% CBD and 1% CBN; Florida Kush (otherwise called Florida OG), a 50:50 hybrid is additionally a stunning 28% THC averagely.

Effects of OG Kush Breath

  • The high felt with OG Kush Breath is felt immediately as its consumers will rapidly feel their dispositions elevated and an increase in good energy. Regardless of being an Indica predominant strain, this cerebral experience will likewise make its consumers to feel a little trippy and psychoactive. These cheerful and inspiring impacts make OG Kush Breath an extraordinary strain to share among friends as you’ll feel more cordial with them and be in a mood of conversation with your friends even though there will be a feeling of tiredness and laziness as the high advances which causes you to enter a calming like state. You will then feel a deep and heavy relaxation and the consumer will undoubtedly be sofa locked.
  • OG Kush Breath is additionally answered to initiate an instance of the munchies as well so you better have snacks prepared with this strain.
  • Due to its euphoric cerebral impacts, this strain can assist with lightening symptoms of stress, tension and depression, and all these properties joined with its relaxing impacts can assist those battling with insomnia to get good sleep and even improve the persons nature of sleep in generally. The calming idea of OG Kush Breath lightens temporal chronic pains, cramps, inflammation or nausea and improves it appropriately for evening time use.

Savor & Aroma

  • OG Kush Breath is respected for its seriously tasty flavors, a trademark that will be totally expected with its Girl Scout Cookies hereditary qualities. The fragrances are nutty, natural, hot, gritty, with undercurrents of berries.
  • After consuming the nugs and breathing out, the flavors are a treat like vanilla flavor with a toasted-nuttiness, like newly prepared treats. These sweet notes are supplemented by a pleasant and spicy sage-like spice flavor.
  • Concerning its appearance, OG Kush Breath buds are thick with a stretched shape. The tone is a minty like green with orange hair-like pistils, and is done with a liberally thick layer of minuscule ice like trichomes.

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Image #1 from rizzjaine


just a look at this this is one of my best buds ever ever it's worth every dime i paid

Image #1 from rizzjaine
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  1. I ordered this because i wanted to try something new from what i was used to.It’s a fantastic strain with a taste like sweet berries and a lovely, smooth burn

  2. similar to sweet pebbles.Has a smooth & pure smoke

  3. Incredible strain—absolutely top shelf! Delicious taste and scent with a wonderful buzz!

  4. I had the previous batch, and it was fantastic.

  5. unexpected delight It’s not often that I spend this much money on a bud, but yesterday was a unique occasion. This is really great stuff! The taste hit you hard, really delicious. Has a persistent smell and makes you feel sleepy. Burns fantastic! I would constantly get this if I was wealthy.

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