Tangerine Cookies


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A very intriguing and desired strain for its clearly, delectable citrus and minty treat seasons, the Tangerine Cookies strain is an ideal treat while you’re expecting to get a break and treat your tastebuds! A powerful sativa crossover, the strain was made by crossbreeding the tomfoolery and fruity Tangie strain with the very well known and Cannabis Cup grant winning Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (or Thin Mint Cookies for short).

Tangerine Cookies

A very intriguing and desired strain for its clearly, delectable citrus and minty treat seasons, the Tangerine Cookies strain is an ideal treat while you’re expecting to get a break and treat your tastebuds! A powerful sativa crossover, the strain was made by crossbreeding the tomfoolery and fruity Tangie strain with the very well known and Cannabis Cup grant winning Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (or Thin Mint Cookies for short). With THC levels that can take off as high as 28% strength, this bud will make them feel blissful, lively and inspired instantly! Amazing for assisting you with handling on the day or as a social strain to partake in social scenes, this new citrus Tangerine Cookies strain will give you the perfect portion of vitamin C-annabis!


A very strong strain, Tangerine Cookies will hit you very quickly, which is great assuming that you’re searching for a few moment elevate and energy! It incites a cheerful and imaginative, persuasive demeanor, which makes it amazing to utilize on the off chance that you’re going to begin on a venture or errand. Likewise great for those experience the ill effects of ongoing weakness, disposition swings, stress or sorrow as you’ll rapidly have the option to feel compelling help from these side effects with its solid and elevating high! Its blissful impacts additionally make it a tomfoolery strain to impart to companions. While the impacts of Tangerine Cookies are for the most part cerebral, a few clients additionally take this strain to ease migraines and headaches. Because of its empowering nature, it is best utilized in the mornings or day time instead of nights.

THC Content

The Tangerine Cookies strain is a sativa prevailing cross breed with a proportion of 70% sativa strength to 30% indica. Its THC levels normal between amazing degrees of 20% to 28% intensity. The strain is made by crossing the citrusy Tangie and the generally well known Thin Mint Cookies (otherwise known as Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies). It isn’t to be mistaken for Mandarin Cookies which, however comparative in name, smells, flavors and furthermore reproduced utilizing the first Girl Scout Cookies GSC parent, this other strain is crossbred rather with Mandarin Sunset (however different varieties of Mandarin Cookies likewise exist, crossing Mandarin Sunset with different aggregates of Girl Scout Cookies). The Tangie parent of Tangerine Cookies is a reasonable mixture made of Skunk and California Orange, while the Thin Mint Cookies is reared through a threeway cross of Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Appearance and Aroma

Tangerine Cookies nugs are feathery and adjusted however to some degree lengthened, with its leaves spiraling outwards. In shading, they are normally a light green that reaches from light olive to mint. This is complemented by bold copper orange pistils that are grouped all through. The shadings are completely lit up by a liberal covering of white gem trichomes, which provides them with the presence of being plunged in sugar! With an exemplary hearty fragrance, it additionally takes on characteristics of both of its folks, offering a special terpene mix of velvety vanilla treats and mint with incredibly prepared citrus orange. While smoking, its solid citrus flavors are dominating and waiting in your mouth, yet after breathing out, its scrumptiously velvety and minty menthol flavors can be tasted and won’t allow you to disregard its astonishing Thin Mint Cookies genealogy!


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